Bob Dylan: “Duquesne Whistle” Video

To bide our appetites until the imminent release of Bob Dylan‘s 35th studio album, Tempest, we can feast for now on his latest video. Directed by Nash Edgerton, the video for “Duquesne Whistle” is a miraculous combination of a tune with a loose gait – an easy swing and a jingle jangle step – with images and a story that snap with the hurt and cruel surprises of unrelenting love.

– Ah a love story for the rest of us –

The video chronicles the doomed journey of a wide-eyed gentleman as he suffers the slings and arrows (and baseball bats) of one-sided love.¬†Also of note: If you live in London, New York or Los Angeles, you’ll be able to visit Tempest themed pop up shops. Running from September 10th through the 16th, folks can score advanced copies of the new record and additional Dylan ephemera.

Bob Dylan’s Tempest will be released as of September 11th.

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