Jeremy Rose: Original Producer for The Weeknd Preps New Ep

When Abel Tesfaye a.k.a The Weeknd first released the critically acclaimed album House of Balloons, there were three stand out hits that made this dark R&B singer the darling of every blog, magazine, and trending media outlet. “What You Need”, “Loft Music”, and “The Morning (Original Version)” turned The Weeknd from a virtually unknown singer from Toronto into a worldwide phenomenon.  Unbeknownst to the rest of the world, these sexy and brooding beats were made by Jeremy Rose.  A Halifax Nova Scotian native who met Abel at at poutin spot in Toronto.  The Weeknd began as a collaboration between Jeremy and Abel, and after a sour fallout, The Weeknd was no longer the duo it had originally been.

Fast forward a year.  Jeremy Rose is ready to release his own Ep under the moniker “Zodiac“.  The  five-track EP will be available for digital download on September 24th and on vinyl at the later date of October 8th via Vase.

Below you can stream a track of Jeremy’s earlier work.  One can safely assume that the vein of dark and entrancing mood heard on this track will be found throughout the new release.

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