Action Bronson: “It’s Me”

Our dude from Queens is back at it again.  As a follow up to last March’s Blue Chips mix tape, Action Bronson drops a new track.  “It’s Me” finds him still cooking up beats with producer Party Supplies and clocks in at a short and sweet minute and twenty-six seconds.  Only from the cohorts’ minds could kicking rhymes over a beat plucked from the saccharine safety of The Little Mermaid sound street.  And apparently this is only a taste of things to come.  According to MTV Hive, a Blue Chips 2 is already in the making.  With no definite release date just yet, Party Supplies did dish with the Hive as to the pair’s not too surprising “embracing [of] a creative recording process that involves “smoking a lot of what looks like Nickelodeon slime” and that “the album has that Blue Chips one vibe, but it’s a lot crazier with the musical style.”

Ever on the hustle, Action Bronson is also said to be hard at work crafting a book that marries his previous incarnation as a chef and his tasty muse, weed.  A self-described kush O.G., the rapper’s combination coffee table book meets cookbook is reported to be photo-heavy and offer a smattering of marijuana-infused recipes.  Stay tuned for word on a title and street date.

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