Azealia Banks: “Luxury” Video produced by Machinedrum

Azealia Banks is back with the official music video for “Luxury”. The video was directed by Clarence Fuller and produced by Machinedrum. Azealia has been making headlines over the past year or so with her cutting-edge approach to the Pop song. This video is reminiscent of an old Janet Jackson video, as Banks dances on the rooftop to Machinedrum’s synth-wave. As soon as you begin to feel like it’s a bit soft for Azeilia, she starts rapping a Lil’ Kim-esque verse as if it’s to reassure fans that the chick they’ve become accustomed to hasn’t left. It’s a good feeling to see the direction that Pop is heading, and Azealia Banks is one of the factors that has determined its course.

Here’s some of our favorite photos of Azealia:

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