Blitz Motorcycles Presents Long Live The Kings

LONG LIVE THE KINGS – Short film documentary - from SAGS on Vimeo.

The uncompromised integrity and craftsmanship of Blitz Motorcycles is truly unparalleled by many mainstream manufacturers today. Recently Blitz released a 16mm film titled; Long Live The Kings to demonstrate the heart of the motorcycle is still alive and well. The piece above is really an ode to an era that has been lost amongst the dreaded crotch-rocket sporting, pop-a-wheelie smut biker-boys. The motorcycle road-trip used to be the initiation into a culture, where the classic stench of exhaust fumes loudly spurts along the countryside reaffirming purpose, honor and experience as worthy adversaries.

Directed by Clement Beauvais on the old-school warmth of 16mm film and photographed by Donald van der Putten on 35mm film, the whole emotion of the short is classic and caters to those who desire to explore the great unknown on two wheels.

Photography from the film by Donald van der Putten below.

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