Bowie: Object

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]henever asked what your three wishes would be, and your only answer being to pour over the life and times of the contents of David Bowie’s closet—your genie has finally come through.  Although specific details are still fuzzy, it has been confirmed, via David Bowie’s official website,tome that the glam rock god has been compiling a new book.  Entitled, Bowie: Object, the tome revolves around 100 items culled from the artist’s personal archive.  The announcement teases that “The book’s pictorial content is annotated with insightful, witty and personal text written by Bowie himself.”  They offer further “…[that] for the first time, fans and those interested in popular culture will have the opportunity to understand more about the Bowie creative process and his impact on modern popular music.”  A definitive release date has yet to be set, but stay tuned.

Available in a variety of colors, the book will, undoubtedly, be your coffee table’s new best friend.

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