Cat Power: Sun

Cat Power’s newest release, Sun, is not a break-up album. It bears not a smidgen of the forlorn. Not an ounce of wallowing. It is not a postcard from the unkempt corners of psychic squalor.

Rather, the sound of Sun (out now on Matador) is that of the much-wished-for-moment of breaking free from the break-up, shedding all its’ tangles and tributaries where, almost as an afterthought, you realize that you have regained your footing. This is not a break-up record… this is a moving-forward record.

Cat Power, Chan Marshall’s musical moniker, re-emerges for her ninth studio album, the first of original material in nearly six years, confident, radiant and with a new found independence in sound. Her voice, still with that sultry, hazy quality, keeps steady sentry over the album’s sprawling, punchy songs. Marshall’s creative process surrounding Sun mirrors the newly unearthed autonomy as well. Resilience is not solely for just metaphor’s sake. She not only wrote and played but also recorded and produced the record in its entirety.

The video for the next single, “Cherokee” will premiere via her website on September 17th and not surprisingly, Chan Marshall directed it to boot.

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