First Aid Kit: “Wolf” Video by Johan Soderberg

Imagine a well-worn Polaroid of a wood on its tip toe, peering into nightfall – the light surrendering to the whispers of the thicket of twisting branches, to the beckoning promises of dream-like shadows. That’s what a First Aid Kit song sounds like. It is the analog rendering of a fairy tale – a wooded siren song; the sweet with sadness, a darkness always lurking.  The pair of Swedish sisters, Johanna and Klara Söderberg, released their sophomore album, The Lion’s Roar, at the start of this year and has not stopped since.  On the verge of their largest tour to date, the duo, gift us with a new video for the single, “Wolf”. It is a swirling kaleidoscope of all things primal.  Shot in the dark forest of Järvsö, Hälsingland in Sweden, the video is directed by Johan Söderberg. The sisters describe the piece as being “…about our destruction of the plant. But it is also about finding the animal within you. Because we know that underneath that polished, civilized exterior there is definitely a wild creature longing to howl or roar.”

First Aid Kit has also just released their exclusive iTunes Session. Consisting of eight live recordings, it teams the sisters back up with The Lion’s Roar producer and favored son of Nebraska, Mike Mogis. With the live contribution of his pedal steel and mandolin talents plus the presence of a string section, the songs are a stunning tapestry of woven harmony and splendor. The recording boasts the duo’s cover of Patti Smith’s “Dancing Barefoot” as well as the reprisal of Conor Oberst’s vocal guest spot on the last verse of the joyously rabblerousing “King of the World”.

First Aid Kit’s iTunes Session is available now. Their tour kicks off in Chicago on September 24th.


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