Grand Theft Auto IV: Back to the Future Mod ft. Marty McFly

I guess it’s all about entertainment modification this Sunday. This time around we came across a Grand Theft Auto IV “Hill Valley” Back to the Future Mod. The detailing of this must have taken hours, from the Marty McFly outfit to the replicated Dolorian and time-travel options. There is no single download link for this Mod.

In fact that it’s simply a heavily customized PC project from a die-hard BTTF and GTA fan. A user named Seedy Mod created this simply to showcase what can still be done with this amazing game. He claims it has taken him months of tweaking settings to create and suggests that the casual user should not attempt this, for you will break the game. We thought it was pretty awesome and the idea of Marty McFly terrorizing the streets and escaping into a time portal was pretty awesome, go ahead and see for yourself.

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