Mark Zuckerberg & Frank Gehry Collaborate on New Facebook Headquarters

Facebook, being the mega-power that they are is planning the expansion of their headquarters. Of course this is an enormous task for the 28-year old mogul Mark Zuckerberg, so why not bring in the big dogs of design for the planning?

Facebook has hired famed architect Frank Gehry for the design of the new headquarters. Gehry is the Pritzker-winning architect behind the Walt Disney Concert Hall among several other profound structures around the world. Facebook’s new headquarters will be organized into work-group “neighborhoods” with meeting rooms where the walls will be painted with graffiti and lounges furnished with arcade-games. The project has just begun and although no exact number has been stated as to the cost of the expansion, you better believe that no expenses would be spared. The design reflects Facebook as a whole in the sense that the possibilities are endless.

Take a look at these photos from the early stages of the project and stay tuned to Leveled Magazine for more news.

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