Until The Quiet Comes: Short Film ft. Music by Flying Lotus

Flying Lotus – “Until The Quiet Comes” from WHAT MATTERS MOST on Vimeo.

With a little over a month left before Flying Lotus‘ “Until The Quiet Comes” is released, a beautiful short film to accompany the record has been made and now available for viewing. Shot by Kahlil Joseph and focused on an urban neighborhood called Nickerson Gardens, this barely four minute video captures the swirling miasma of the resurrection of life.

Thematically, this short video is so captivating, one can barely believe something so heavy in subject matter would happen on a promotional piece. Then again, this is why Flying Lotus has been such a pioneer in the world of music. With the several second samples of new material, we hear some of the most playful, intricate, and downright gorgeous jazz arrangements ever assembled in modern electronic music.

As life springs from a dead resident in the projects of Nickerson Gardens, our lips begin to smile at the spiritual sense of wonder captured in the voodoo-esque style of dancing.  Check out more amazing videos from Kahlil Joseph and the team over at What Matters Most.

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