Hermés’ Interactive Design Promo: 8 Ties For Fall 2012

French romantic fashion house, Hermés has just shown us how a little bit of imagination, 8-bit design and creative strategy can make something as ordinary as a neck-tie seem inventive and quite cool. Hermés has teamed up with projection artist Miguel Chevalier (sample of work below) to bring us a miniature interactive playground that arouses the visual senses with several multi-colored triangles fitted inside of a polygon sphere.

Half space invaders, half geometric magic, this new ‘8 Ties‘ collection is more than meets the eye. Supreme detail and craftsmanship are dissasembled and projected as beautiful shapes and colors that collide and coalesce into the very tie they offer on their site.

Click one of the six colored triangles, to reveal a unique video installation, each of which create its own singularity based around the aesthetics of the tie.

Our favorite is the purple triangle.

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