Rage Against the Machine 20th Anniversary Box Set

There are key records that are gifted to the world’s collective consciousness at ever so necessary moments that sonically draw lines in the sand. They are clear and distinct lines of demarcation, heralding that nothing again would be the same.  They are the proclamations of a change. Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On. N.W.A’s Straight Outta Compton. The Clash’s London Calling. Each is a call to arms, a mobilization of thought—to potent to be sidelined.  Rage Against the Machine’s debut record, 20 years ago, on par with the aforementioned elk, bivouacked the band at the front lines of the political zeitgeist. With the opening incendiary chords of “Bombtrack,” a sound akin to that of the grinding blades of chopper landing—the announcement of the impending siege, the Los Angeles band changed the soundscape. Direct descendant of Public Enemy, The Clash and the MC5, no one has ever been able to emulate, no matter how hard they tried, the sheer ferocity, the fire-in-the-belly of Rage Against the Machine. In honor of the 20th Anniversary of the band’s eponymous debut record, a box set will be released on November 27th via Sony Legacy Recordings.  The collection, Rage Against the Machine – XX will be offered in three different formats, running from the highly elaborate, the Deluxe Version—chockfull of goodness for the die-hard fan—to the more bare bones just-the-necessities version, the Single Edition, for the newcomer.  At the core of the reissue is the original record remastered plus the addition of three bonus tracks. The Deluxe Version includes never-before seen early live footage and the entirety of the 2010 Finsbury Park Victory Concert along with original demos and additional etceteras. As the finishing touch, friend and comrade, Chuck D baptizes the package with the penning of new liner notes.

Rage Against the Machine – XX can be preordered in each of its three formats from Amazon now.

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