The Black Keys: Tour Rehearsal Tapes

Your life just got way better.

This week brought with it the release of a new digital EP from The Black Keys.  Available exclusively on iTunes for the first two weeks of its release, Tour Rehearsal Tapes is a collection of songs captured live last December.  It was recorded just before the Keys set out on their seemingly never-ending world tour and continued vision quest for rhythm and blues soaked world domination. If you’re fingers are crossed in the hopes of a sick version of “Stack Shot Billy” to be included, my apologies in advance. The EP features six songs in total, culled from their two most recent albums, El Camino and Brothers—still solid, still very much so delicious. The full track listing for Tour Rehearsal Tapes is below.

1. “Dead and Gone”
2. “Gold On the Ceiling”
3. “Lonely Boy”
4. “Next Girl”
5. “Run Right Back”
6. “Tighten Up”

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