The Cure For Greed

What’s the one trait that makes an individual good at America? Greed! It’s our favorite past time and it’s most likely the cause for everything bad in human history. Greed has its dirty little penis in every war, it makes the world go round and it will most likely be the root of the atomic finale. But before we reach that third act in this tragedy, the brilliant Diddo Velema has conceptualized a solution to this cancer in his new project titled “The Cure for Greed.” Velema’s designed a beautiful injection kit—carrying case and all. It consists of two 24-karat gold plated syringes and ink from the all-American dollar bill. He actually extracted the ink from $10,000 worth of US currency in a process that took four months. Shit, at least someone is trying to do something to fix this broken globe. Hats off.

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