One-Of-A-Kind Suitcase Boombox by Curious Provisions

They call it a Thumper, and this suitcase boombox is by far one of the most innovative mobile speaker sets we’ve seen. Curious Provisions has been taking vintage suitcases and converting them to portable, rechargeable audio players with authentic hi-fi speakers for your mobile devices. Although they don’t currently have any bluetooth compatible versions, you can get an adapter for pretty cheap, and have your very-own-one-of-a-kind-custom-made-wireless-travel-boombox. Most “Thumpers” come with volume, bass and treble controls built in, and of course a standard auxiliary plug. And for those of you who are musicians who like to travel, you can use it as a guitar amp as well with an iRig adapter. Browse their collection here.
Suitcase Boombox by Curious Provisions

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