Painting Drunk Bodies With Fidlar

Fidlar X Leveled X Cult Noir
Leveled Magazine:
How would you explain love to someone?

Fidlar: Coors Light

LM: Favorite website?

LM: If you could have sex with anyone, who would it be?
F: Nick Cage the Sage

LM: Favorite Rapper?
F: DJ Paul, Trick Tracy

LM: What would your reality show be called?
F: Fo’ Real?

LM: Sum up the band in three words.
F: Bunch of assholes.

LM: What actors would play you guys in the biopic?
Brandon: Wesley Snipes
Zac: Keanu Reeves
Max: Tilda Swinton
Elvis: John C. Reily
Fidlar X Leveled X Cult Noir
Photographed by Chris Fitzgerald, Cult Noir Photography
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