Download The Replacements’ Live at Grant Park, Chicago

By: j neas

On July 4th, 1991, the Replacements played a show in Grant Park in Chicago, marking their split from music as a band. At this point, the version of the band that shambled into the park were half of what they used to be. Founding member Bob Stinson had been given the boot in 1986 and drummer Chris Mars, after being scarcely used on the Replacements’ 1990 album All Shook Down, had taken off as well. So the Replacements were half-full of, well, replacements. Slim Dunlap had taken over as lead guitarist on tour for 1987′s Pleased to Meet Me and the late Steve Foley had taken over as tour drummer following Mars’ departure. So it would seem that what turned out to be their final show wouldn’t be much of a thing to document. However, fans will be glad to know that the last show turned into a tremendously sharp and outstanding way to go out.


Download The Replacements' Live at Grant Park, Chicago LeveledDownload: The Replacements :: Live @ Grant Park, Chicago July 4, 1991

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