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Tom Eckersley “Master of the Poster” Exhibit

There is something endearing and comforting in Tom Eckersley’s posters. His work is both aesthetic and functional, neatly packaging advertising slogans or public awareness campaigns with bright, bold colors and shapes. As a retrospective to his career in the discipline of poster design, Tom’s work will be shown at the LCC …

Isa Genzken Retrospective Leveled 1

Isa Genzken: Retrospective

Isa Genzken is arguably one of the most important and influential female artists of the past 30 years. This exhibition, the first comprehensive retrospective of her diverse body of work in an American museum, and the largest to date, encompasses Genzken’s work in all mediums over the past 40 years. …

Drax For Oak NYC Leveled 1

Drax For Oak NYC

The artist Drax (Jesse Draxler) delivers a series of visual branding for clothing retailer OAK NYC.

Zaria Forman's Greenland Leveled 1

Zaria Forman’s Greenland

Zaria Forman‘s large-scale pastel drawings of Greenland are based on an Arctic art expedition she participated in, called Chasing the Light, aboard the Wanderbird in the NW coast of Greenland. The work, which is meant to document climate change through art is inspired by Zaria’s own mother Rena Bass Forman, a …

The Work of Kilian Eng Leveled 2

The Work of Kilian Eng

There is something about intricate Japanese influenced artwork that stands on its own. From the impossibly smooth and slick frames to the twinkling color, Japanese science fiction artwork captures the teenage fanboy in us. Originally featured at our pals over at Empty Kingdom, we are happy to re-share Kilian Eng’s …

Karen Ann Myers Leveled 9

Paintings by Karen Ann Myers

Karen Ann Myers’ work is a combination of very intricate painting and photography. I am investigating the psychological complexity of women through intimate observations in the bedroom. The work is inspired by the cult of beauty in contemporary mass media. Intricately painted, decorative interiors are invented to titillate the viewer. …

Kineticism I Wall Cabinet & Functional Painting by Charles Kalpakian Leveled 2

Kineticism I: Wall Cabinet & Functional Painting by Charles Kalpakian

“‘Kineticism I’ is a hypnotic piece in lacquered Corian that literally reinvents the concept of cabinet and bookshelf. Unexpected and immediately eye-catching in the true sense of the word, ‘Kineticism I’ establishes itself like a true functional painting: while capturing the viewer’s gaze, it can be used to welcome books …

DALeast @ The Outsiders Newcastle Leveled 23

DALeast @ The Outsiders Newcastle

There is something perpetually fleeting about the work of artist DALeast.  Ever present is his signature propensity towards motion.  It is as if an unforgiving gust of wind is always seconds away from exhaling visual pandemonium, sending his creations back to dust. He captures with paint, fugitive moments of emotion.  …

PROJECT Pipework Series by Elina Autio Leveled

PROJECT Pipework Series by Elina Autio

Elina Autio’s “Pipework” installation for the PROJECT series, curated by Pia Oksanen will be on display at Galerie Anhava. The piece consists of tubing running along the walls of a room. It applies the standard sizes of pipes and tubes familiar from buildings and follows the orderliness of installed tubing.  The …

Matthew Marks Gallery Presents Tony Smith Maze Leveled 1

Matthew Marks Gallery Presents Tony Smith Maze

Matthew Marks is pleased to announce Tony Smith Maze, the next exhibition at his gallery at 1062 North Orange Grove, Los Angeles. This is the first time the sculpture will be exhibited in over 25 years. Maze, 1967, is ten feet wide, fifteen feet long, stands nearly seven feet tall, …

Siphoned from Madness Yayoi Kusama  David Zwirner Gallery Leveled 2

Yayoi Kusama Presents “I Who Have Arrived in Heaven”

Yayoi Kusama’s artwork has no beginning, no middle and no end.  It is akin to looking at a postcard sent from time itself.  Whether expressing her vision through full-scale sensorial environments, paintings, drawings, performance art or film, the obsessive suggestion of infinity is ever present.  Her synthesis of the pandemonium …

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Jeremy Olson’s Alternative Realities

Realities are perceptions of an individual’s self affirmations. They can distort and deviate when presented from contradicting viewpoints and, when isolated, can twist one’s environment in such a way, reality is questioned altogether. These paintings from Jeremy Olson’s ‘Alternative Realities’ series speaks to the inward conflicts happening at any given …