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King of Jewish Baseball

Hey Mutt Nuts, My name is Nate Fish. I am a baseball player, coach and artist. Widely considered by myself to be a genius with the foremost opinions on the game, in the world. I am the King of Jewish Baseball. On September 9th, I will be reporting to Jupiter, …


WUWW Eats Butts, Boners and Body Juice

A face-full of jizz, a rash of boners and anal fingering. No, I’m not talking about this week’s Republican National Convention or even Hurricane Isaac, I’m talking Word Up With Wehle – Week Three. Pull up a pubic hair and let’s get to it: 1. I was with this one …


Kelly Cutrone: Real Talk

The funny thing about most reality television stars is that they have zero sense of reality. In fact, the bulk of them are anything but “real.” Not Kelly Cutrone. Reality TV is only a small percentage of who and what she is, and by no means does it define her. She …

Annie Oakley

My Love Wrote to Women of Note

Five Women I Love and a Brief Explanation as to Why Elaine Irwin First image to surface which unleashed a torrent of memories—largely consisting of magazine ads tacked up on my middle school aged bedroom wall—was her face.  I want to say she was in like a Pantene shampoo ad …


Martin Starr: Breaking Character


Girth of a Nation: A Naked Trek Up Mount Masada

I only cared about three things leading up to the Masada trip: One, I had a bird’s dick nestled in my underwear; two, none of my friends did; and three, if I wore shorts or didn’t go…


“Home” by Gabby Dunn

The Georgia clay is burnt orange, almost red, under my sandaled feet and the air smells like wood and dust. Clean, dry wood though. The kind that looks white with the knots sanded down. They’re erecting new cabins for the summer camp I’ve attended for over a decade — bigger …


Bobcat Goldthwait, Joel Murray & Tara Lynne Barr: Breaking Character

I get asked a lot if I am worried that my movie God Bless America will inspire copycats…


Kids With Life Sentences, And No Hope For Parole

Reflecting upon the climax of my adolescent rebellion, an image begins to clearly form of my 12 year old self, sitting in my mother’s car, which was placed ever so perfectly next to my neighbor’s monster truck.  My older sister had just completed a parallel parking lesson. Our parents weren’t …


People Watching: Starbucks

Sitting inside of a Starbucks. I ordered a triple cappucino, slightly wet, with soy milk and a splash of sugar free vanilla. There are high school students sitting to my left. Across from them, there is an Asian family. A young man named Mike, who appears to be in his …


American Made

As I peered out into the light, I began to cry. I was not saddened or angry — I was relieved. I had finally, after nine long months, reached the end of my journey. I cried hysterically to be wiped clean of the afterbirth, and to acquaint my underdeveloped lungs …

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Nalden’s WeTransfer

It seems that everyone these days depends on third party sites to send large amounts of data. Creatives, businessmen, students and communities of people trying to keep in touch all need filesharing sites to be efficient and productive with each other.  The problem is that many of these sites can …