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CNN Apologizes After Calling a 103 Year Old Lady the N-Word?

Living in a cyber-world we have all become accustomed to the follies of local newscasters. They’re funny and entertaining but usually nothing more than a fumble of words on the teleprompter or a hiccup that throws the flow off for a couple seconds. You know? Mindless human error that is …


Rob Delaney’s Mitt & Rob: Illustrated by @Pants

If you haven’t been the wiser to Rob Delany‘s brilliant Mitt & Rob cartoon, you’re in luck. 1) Because it’s the best representation of Mitt Romney’s political campaign. 2) Because it’s fucking hilarious. Take a look have a laugh and  Follow mittandrob. Here’s Rob’s simple explanation of the cartoon:  @robdelaney is …

2012 iHeartRadio Music Festival - Day 1 - Show

Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong Throws a Temper Tantrum at iHeartRadio Festival

Hey, you guys remember that Pop-Punk band Green Day? Yeah, me neither, anyways, today I was reminded why I never really cared about the band. Billie Joe Armstrong always felt like the pretty boy of Punk Rock, the band always lacked the edge that I’d associated with the genre and as …


10 Advertisements That You Need To See

We’d like to present to you ten of the strangest advertisements that we’ve ever seen. Although most of these never made it to press (for obvious reasons) we figured we’d share them with you because of bizarreness of the celebrities that endorsed these products. Hope you enjoy! 1. Rush Limbaugh …


Election 2012: The Best Sex Giver Wins

Michelle and Ann, How are you? I bet things are hectic in your lives right now. Both your husbands are face fucking each other with smear campaigns and all those sweet make-the-other-guy-look-like-he-pulled-his-penis-out-at-the-Girl-Scout-party American political campaign tactics. Neither of these boys will save America, ladies—we all know that. I look at …


Don’t Worry, None of Us Are Good At It

Some people are good at life. The other ninety percent lack the necessary skills to succeed in this mind fuck. They stumble through it like GITMO detainees that played the waterboarding game one too many times. Let’s be honest here; most of us aren’t good at life. I’ll be the first to admit it. I’m horrible at it. I have no idea what I’m doing. My parents are bad at it; their parents were bad at it and so on. This is the massive penis of truth and sometimes we have to sit on it.


Plastic Surgery and a Lesson in Customer Service

This month our dear friend Bruce Pinsler is looking to get his lady a breast augmentation and a facelift. Finding a good plastic surgeon can be tough as you will see from this bizarre chain of emails between Bruce and the Doctor.

Featured Tweet

Ryan Gosling, Ryan Seacrest & Wendy’s Hamburgers: Tweeting with Pinsler

So as some of you know we’ve been following an interesting man by the name of Bruce Pinsler on Twitter. Pinsler keeps us entertained each month and we figured we share some of his tweets with you. This month he’s taken a liking to Ryan Gosling, Ryan Seacrest and Wendy’s Hamburgers.


Texts From Mom, Jerry Sandusky & Cold Sores on Your PP

Once again Texts of the Month are in. For August we had some strange ones including more texts from mom, Jerry Sandusky and an interesting conversation on cold sores. Enjoy!


Craigslist Conversations: The Trilogy

This is a REAL conversation as a result of a FAKE ad we posted on Craigslist. Scott: Curious to find out how many writers with experience have applied to your quirky ad on Craigslist. Being a professional writer with a long list of projects under my belt, makes me curious …


How to Make a Million Dollars in America

It is the sacred fruit that connects us all. It’s the budding lilac in a patch of mud that was once a garden. It is the blue songbird on the branch of the sycamore tree, singing to each and every soul on God’s perfect planet. It is what we’ve come …


Facts of Life: August 2012

The “pound” key (#) on your keyboard is called an octotroph.  ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In the 1500s fashion designers showed off their designs by making doll size clothing versions of their own fashions. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ It is within the last 200 years that children have had their own distinct clothes. They used to just …