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Death Metal Angola: A Chat with Director, Jeremy Xido

The documentary, Death Metal Angola is a raucous hallelujah. It is an openhearted testament to the unexpected garments sometimes donned by the healing power of music.  In the ravaged cities of Angola, Africa, the much-needed remedy for 40 years of war comes in the form of guttural howls, heavy distortion …

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BØRNS Rising

If you’re going to howl with abandon about falling in love, you better do it with power chords. That’s just one aspect of many the up-and-coming artist Garrett Borns got right on his debut single “10,000 Emerald Pools.” The recent Los Angeles transplant by way of Michigan–now performing with a band under …

Youre Dead_Leveled001

You’re Dead!

The mind of Flying Lotus (Steven Ellison) transcends the confines of earthbound limitations and reverbeates the universe and soul within the spectrum of jazz, hip-hop and electronic music. The details of his fifth studio album  “You’re Dead!” have just been released and the possibilities for a spiritual experience are even …


Dystopian Atmosphere

Dystopian is a record label and booking agency based out of Berlin, which is home to a collective of creatives working in the realm of Techno music. Although, the label might be under most people’s radar, their newly launched website caught our attention with the premier of their “Dystopian Atmosphere” video. …

"She's Bad" Music Video 2

“She’s Bad” Music Video

Tap into your most primal desires with this animalistic video from Parisian filmmakers Dent de Cuir. Featuring the music by Dye and Egyptian Lover, the images in the music video are treated with wildlife video collages, which mirror the base sexual impulses of human nature. Guys, you may become a bit …


Dauwd – Kindlinn EP

In just three years, Dauwd has emerged as one of the most promising artists to hit the electronic music scene, delivering two beautifully crafted EPs on Pictures Music with remixes from Tim Goldsworthy and Nick Höppner. From an initial bass and ambient mixture, his sound strengthened and got a little …


Damiano von Erckert’s “Giant Pandas and Other Nice Things in Life”

Damiano von Erckert follows up his incredible Love Based Music with a 12″ full of lush Afro inspired Disco-Funk. Incorporating the talents of Motor City Drum Ensemble, Tito Wun aka Twit One, Los Angeles based Georgia Anne Muldrow and Funkycan, Giant Pandas and Other Nice Things in Life is the next installment in …



Meet CHILD. Three guys delivering compounded volumes of heavy sound ready to break your bones; or keep a warm and dissonant fuzz crackling in between your knuckles. Based out of Los Angeles, CHILD is a force of thick, blues-addled rock, packing a punch of heavy, decibel scraping volume. Veterans of …


Iman Omari’s High-Loops

Never underestimate the power of the sample, or the care that comes with absorbing the soul of haunted backdrops. This is the stuff that makes Iman Omari’s High-Loops production enveloped with charisma and warmth. It’s with these voices Iman seems to converse with his music and create a style that …

Katie LongmyerHair: Lori HernandezMakeup: Isabel RuizStylist: Rose Garcia

Katie Longmyer: Queen of NYC Nightlife and Beyond

We asked and she answered.  Meet Katie Longmyer: the undeniable Queen of New York City Nightlife.  Call her a cultural curator, an entrepreneur, a creative strategist or better yet, a business artist.  Katie has successfully translated a lifelong fervor for music and the power of creative connection into a dream …

Evian Christ Leveled Waterfall

Evian Christ – Waterfall EP

Having just been on top of his game after collaborating with Kanye West on the Yeezus record, Joshua Leary, known as Evian Christ is set to release a speaker bruising EP of epic proportions. His monstrously huge EP titled Waterfall teeters between harsh, abrasive noise and the razor sharp cuts of …


Petit Fantôme: L

This is the result of hours and hours of editing and lots of amazingly free videos online, from which Rosanna Webster and Charlie Sheppard created their visuals for Petit Fantôme’s track ‘L.’ Colors and clever compositions explore texture and make great use of inter-cut blends and filters.