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Monument Valley

Monument Valley

Monument Valley is an interactive video game created by British studio, ustwo. The latest offering is an app game, whose amazing Escher-inspired graphics lead a princess through a remarkably detailed world of secret paths and hidden staircases. Check out the trailer below for quality gaming graphics, which are sure to …


The ‘Aleph’ Soundcomputer by Monome

This is what love at first sight looks like. The ‘Aleph’ Soundcomputer by Monome is so beautifully designed, it only enhances the prowess of this machine. Monome put into words, how diverse and functional the Aleph truly is: Aleph is an adaptable soundcomputer where synthesis, drum machines, samplers, loopers, and …

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Zach Dougherty’s Animated Gifs

Digital artist Zach Dougherty hypnotizes with his collection of bizarre, animated gifs.


Kingston 1TB HyperX Predator Flash Drive

This is a godsend to many of us who need to carry massive amounts of data at all times, or if you are simply just paranoid and would prefer the entire contents of your computer be attached to your keychain. The 1TB flash drive by Kingston will make the sharing …

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Turn yourself into a blockhead. For only $12 lets you create custom cartoon versions of yourself which they later ship to you as a perforated ready to cut foldable version. Check them out here.


The PR2 Personal Robot

We have finally caught up to science fiction movies. The PR2 Personal Robot is here and ready for purchase. Granted, this purchase will set you back about $400,000, but it does everything from manufacturing services, doing dishes, laundry and even assisting the elderly. If this is what your heart has …


Energy Flow App From Field & The Creators Project

We aren’t exactly sure how to describe this app, nor can we see the end result, but that just makes it more fascinating. London studio, FIELD, has worked with The Creators Project to produce Energy Flow, an app which relies on custom-built software—The Infinite Film Composer—to generate a new experience each …


A Urine Powered Generator

This year at Maker Faire Africa in Lagos four young ladies created a urine powered generator. Duro-Aina Adebola (14), Akindele Abiola (14), Faleke Oluwatoyin (14) and Bello Eniola (15) were able to generate six hours of energy off of one liter of urine. The system works like this: Urine is put …


The Brooklyn Nets & Marvel Unveil New Super Hero

Brooklyn has a new guardian. Marvel Entertainment and the Brooklyn Nets have officially unveiled their new joint creation. Enter Brooklyn Knight, the basketball team’s brand new mascot and the NBA’s very own, first-ever bona fide super hero. The Barclays Center’s new protector made his premiere at the Net’s home opener …


Collectible Module-R Container Homes

Smaller things are always more personal, perhaps more intimate because of their size. These model homes by Module-R are scaled down versions of actual homes being built in this fashion, and at a significantly lower price ($250.00 – $2,450.00) are cheaper to own than building one of actual size. Module-R …

Time-Lapse of Endeavors Trek Across Los Angeles

Bryan Chan did this incredible time-lapse video for the the Los Angeles Times of the space shuttle Endeavour’s 12-mile journey from LAX Airport to the California Science Center.

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Watch the Orionid Meteor Shower Tonight

Space is awesome. Cosmic dust is even cooler when viewed from the Earth at just the right time and day. This weekend non-city dwellers can look up and see the Orionids, a cluster of cosmic leftovers left behind by the infamous Halley’s comet. For anyone who does remember, Halley’s comet …