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Reading Poetry Makes You Live Longer: Monday Morning Culture Bath

Smile The first time I realized I had a smile was on the way to gym class. Mrs. Barnes said, “What’s wrong?” “You’re not smiling.” “You always smile. Then I smiled. And she walked away. The first time I realized I had a smile that makes people like me must …


ObamaCare, RomneyCare or Health Care?

You may or may not have noticed, but there’s been a little debate going on in the United States about health care. It started many decades ago, and it’s still going strong after the recent Supreme Court decision that upheld the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act. In case …


WUWW Eats Jews, Pubes & Orgasms

WUWW is a weekly column where I, Amit Wehle, answer your most pressing questions about sex and dating; the beautiful and gross human body; long term relationships, family-hell, work pricks and the nature of the universe.  Here’s this week’s offerings…   How do I convince my girl, who’s Jewish, that …


My Life Waiting Tables: Tips from the Host

My first job in the restaurant industry wasn’t waiting tables. In fact, my foray into the world that I have come to hate (and admittedly love at times) was as a hostess. Not just any hostess; I was a hostess at an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet. Yikes indeed. If you’re an …


An Open Letter to Iggy Pop

dear iggy pop, i want to be yr Debbie Harry. Sincerely, . jamie maleszka


My Life Waiting Tables

If you took high school English (or paid attention at all) then you probably read at least one book centering on the idea of the “American Dream.” It’s timely to mention that my first brush with thematic assessments of the American dream centered largely around Gatsby’s idea of the American …


Brave Things: Liberia

We’re leading workshops for youth and teachers in job training programs in Liberia. Yesterday one of my Liberian colleagues asked me, “How often do you want to have babies?” I said, “Do you mean how many babies do I want to have, or how soon do I want to have …


My Life Waiting [Tables]: The Price of Your Soul

“Waiting tables is like selling your soul to the Devil.”


Political Rants with Crazy Carl: Tax This

First off, let’s all thank the ancient Egyptians for introducing taxation to the world. A lot of great ideas originated from Egypt – beer and wine, papyrus (aka paper), geometry, the alphabet, and many others. But the contribution we all undoubtedly love the most is taxes. The implementation of taxes has enabled so many amazing achievements throughout time. Thousands of years ago it led to the building of the first irrigation canals, roads, and bridges. To this day, taxes still serve to better our communities and countries.

Sex in Violence

Lust Talk: Sex in Violence

There is a salacious desire of using force, humiliation, and submission in sex. It may start with spanking, then turn into lightly slapping, and finally into jamming a panty down one’s throat while being tied up.


Open Letter: Advocating Peeing During Homeroom

Advocating peeing during homeroom.


My Life Waiting [Tables]: Behind The Smile

The bitter waitress was once compared to Daria. You all remember Daria… MTV cartoon icon of the late ‘90s? Well I wasn’t sure whether to take it as an insult or a compliment but I opted for the latter. After all, Daria is a straight-shooting smart ass with an arsenal of sarcasm, an abundance of wit, and a profusion of dry humor. While I find all of the aforementioned traits to be positive attributes, I can’t imagine Daria would have fared too well in the serving world.