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Back On My Feet Leveled 1

Back On My Feet

Running is a powerful and intensely mental activity, which helps the body push farther and longer in order to balance the physical and emotional turmoils of life’s obstacles. Using running as a tool to help disenfranchised and troubled people living in poverty and drug related problems, Anne Mahlum created Back …

Inside Faile's Studio Leveled 2

Inside Faile’s Studio

Faile, the Brooklyn-based artistic collaboration between Patrick Miller and Patrick McNeil, is a sum of its parts.  Ripened in the histories of Lichtenstein and Warhol, their use of appropriation and obsession with mass-produced culture in equal combination with the dogged narrative, means and materials of street art, allows for a …

Junio Walk Lightly

Junip – Walking Lightly

Junip is a band whose sound feels familiar and wonderful, yet unmistakeably modern and mysterious, while simultaneously allowing for dynamic and experimental approaches. The balance between ideas found in contemporary music production and old soul elements of psychedelic rock is only made more transcending with the addition of hushed ambient …

George Osodi's 'Nigeria Monarchs' Leveled 2

George Osodi’s Nigeria Monarchs

Nigerian photographer George Osodi is a photojournalist who has spent much time documenting the social and economic struggles of Africa as a whole. Garnering the respect and support of many media institutions, his work ‘Nigeria Monarchs’, which is set to show at The Bermondsey Project from October 11 until November 3 …

AIBS House by AABE Leveled 10

AIBS House by AABE

Atelier d’Architecture Bruno Erpicum & Partners have created a true testament to beach front properties with their designed home located in Ibiza, Spain. Just like a path or road which comes to a dead end, the land becomes rippled before turning into a staircase which leads you down to the …

En Puntas Leveled

Javier Pérez – En Puntas

These excerpts taken from Javier Pérez‘s short film En Puntas takes a very intimate and visually striking look into ballet as an artistic metaphor. As physical pain battles gravity and careful precision, the struggle begins to transform into a mental one. En Puntas digs into the psyche of a ballet dancer …

Scrimshaw Knife Kit Leveled 1

Scrimshaw Knife Kit

Experience the old American art form of Scrimshaw. Since its origination in the late 1700s, during the era of the whaling industry, whalers would etch drawings of nautical themes on items, readily available to them, such as sperm whale teeth and bones. Using a sail needle, nail and pocket knives, …

Shell House Leveled 5

Shell House

Japanese architecture firm artechnic completed ‘Shell House’ in 2008 and since then the spot has transformed into a popular weekend destination. The curves of the building ebb and flow in harmony with its surroundings. The coolest part about Shell House is that all of its mechanical and electrical equipment is …

Printed Pages Leveled

It’s Nice That: ‘Printed Pages’ Autumn Issue

For the first issue of Printed Pages we spoke to Sagmeister and Walsh about their professional partnership and interviewed the brilliant Chris Ware to better understand how he goes about telling stories. We turned the tables on Apartamento founder Omar Sosa and tracked down three of the most exciting graphic …

Her Tiny Teeth Leveled 5

Her Tiny Teeth

Photographer Anjelica Jardiel sits down with Her Tiny Teeth shop owners and sisters Natasha and Mariah Lillipore to discuss their inspiration for their shop as well as what Her Tiny Teeth is all about, after snapping a few photos of course. Anjelica Jardiel: When was Her Tiny Teeth established? Natasha …

Paperback iPhone Notepad Leveled 3

Paperback iPhone Notepad

It really is the little things, which make life easier and more enjoyable. Adhesive notes for your iPhone from Paperback is not app, but a real pad of sticky notes that is formed to attach to your phone. For the extremely methodical and lovers of to do lists, this little …

Cpo Shirt Jacket by Steven Alan Leveled 2

CPO Shirt Jacket by Steven Alan

This Classic military style CPO Shirt is made of soft melange cotton twill or flecked brushed wool. With a slightly roomier, boxy fit in can be worn as a shirt or outer piece. Features utton down front and flap pockets with lining along inside the collar and packet.