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Martin Parr  Badminton Horse Trials, Gloucestershire Leveled 1

Martin Parr: Badminton Horse Trials, Gloucestershire

Martin Parr combines an urge to document with an attitude of incisive bemusement by social behavior. Val Williams, distinguished writer and curator, considers Parr’s later work – also his most famous – within the context of his full career. In so doing, she shows how Parr’s subtle and striking photographs …

PROJECT Pipework Series by Elina Autio Leveled

PROJECT Pipework Series by Elina Autio

Elina Autio’s “Pipework” installation for the PROJECT series, curated by Pia Oksanen will be on display at Galerie Anhava. The piece consists of tubing running along the walls of a room. It applies the standard sizes of pipes and tubes familiar from buildings and follows the orderliness of installed tubing.  The …

Filthy Black Italic

Alex Haigh’s Hype For Type

Hype For Type is a website dedicated to all things typography. Founded by Alex Haigh, a newer updated version has recently been launched with a set of exclusive fonts from designers, which include Vault49, Sawdust and Alex Trochut. Seven exclusive typefaces have been released to celebrate the new site’s launch, …

Bolt by Fluxmob

Bolt by Fluxmob

The Bolt by Fluxmob allows you to charge the internal battery and your mobile device at the same time and it’s smart charge technology optimizes battery charging. The wall prongs of the charger fold into the body when not in use and a smooth rubberized finish and chamfered edges gives it …

Field Bookends Leveled

Bookends by Daniel/Emma

Bookends designed by Daniel/Emma. In composing this range of desktop objects, the designers chose basic geometric forms paired with natural materials, which lend themselves to the function of each object. Each set of bookends is machined from a single block of granite.  

Wheel Music Video Leveled

“Wheel” Music Video Directed by Carl Addy

In between catching up with friends and family today, many of you will find yourselves (like the majority of us) with too much time on your hands, wondering how quickly your inbox is filling up back at the office, separation anxiety from work can be short circuited by checking out …

Museum Photography by Kevin Tadge Leveled 4

Museum Photography by Kevin Tadge

Kevin Tadge takes us through items found in museums, whose relevance to each other is only in terms of aesthetic. His still life series Guided Tour transforms objects of antiquity into new and uniquely original pieces.    

Gorgeous Children Ice Leveled

Gorgeous Children – ICE EP

The swirling brume of hypnotic beats created by Face Vega and Gila Monster will stir the audio palette with vibrant, dream-like textures of subdued melody, razor sharp cuts and effortless laid back vocal seduction. The duo known as Gorgeous Children serve ridiculously finessed production on their ICE EP, which is …


Nymphomaniac Film Trailer (NSFW)

Lars Von Trier may be one of the most daring directors at the moment, tackling subject matter many directors would shy away from, let alone discuss openly. His new film “Nymphomaniac” centers around a series of events surrounding several characters whose sexual encounters reveal their personalities and repressed emotions. Known …

Curve Hanger Designed by Kittipoom Songsiri Leveled 2

Curve Hanger Designed by Kittipoom Songsiri

“Curve Hanger” by Thai designer Kittipoom Songsiri is a coat rack made from plywood, is assembled without screws and can be moved to accommodate nearly any flat surface.  

Present & Correct Pencil Case Leveled 2

Present & Correct Pencil Case

Pens have a new home thanks to Present & Correct. Cases come in navy spots, or stripes, with a coral zip detail. Smart and bold. Each case measures 7.25x1x2.25.” Grab one, grab both. Beats reaching into your bag and discovering your sharpest mechanical pencil has dug itself into your fingernails.


Phonebloks Mobile Phone Concept by Dave Hakkens

Having recently graduated from Dutch Design Academy Eindhoven, Dave Hakkens unveiled his Phonebloks concept at the academy’s graduation show in Eindhoven during the commencement of Dutch Design Week. Phonebloks is a concept for a phone made of swappable components that fit together like Lego, with each component containing a different function. …