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Museum Photography by Kevin Tadge Leveled 4

Museum Photography by Kevin Tadge

Kevin Tadge takes us through items found in museums, whose relevance to each other is only in terms of aesthetic. His still life series Guided Tour transforms objects of antiquity into new and uniquely original pieces.    

Gorgeous Children Ice Leveled

Gorgeous Children – ICE EP

The swirling brume of hypnotic beats created by Face Vega and Gila Monster will stir the audio palette with vibrant, dream-like textures of subdued melody, razor sharp cuts and effortless laid back vocal seduction. The duo known as Gorgeous Children serve ridiculously finessed production on their ICE EP, which is …


Nymphomaniac Film Trailer (NSFW)

Lars Von Trier may be one of the most daring directors at the moment, tackling subject matter many directors would shy away from, let alone discuss openly. His new film “Nymphomaniac” centers around a series of events surrounding several characters whose sexual encounters reveal their personalities and repressed emotions. Known …

Curve Hanger Designed by Kittipoom Songsiri Leveled 2

Curve Hanger Designed by Kittipoom Songsiri

“Curve Hanger” by Thai designer Kittipoom Songsiri is a coat rack made from plywood, is assembled without screws and can be moved to accommodate nearly any flat surface.  

Present & Correct Pencil Case Leveled 2

Present & Correct Pencil Case

Pens have a new home thanks to Present & Correct. Cases come in navy spots, or stripes, with a coral zip detail. Smart and bold. Each case measures 7.25x1x2.25.” Grab one, grab both. Beats reaching into your bag and discovering your sharpest mechanical pencil has dug itself into your fingernails.


Phonebloks Mobile Phone Concept by Dave Hakkens

Having recently graduated from Dutch Design Academy Eindhoven, Dave Hakkens unveiled his Phonebloks concept at the academy’s graduation show in Eindhoven during the commencement of Dutch Design Week. Phonebloks is a concept for a phone made of swappable components that fit together like Lego, with each component containing a different function. …

Grey City Still 7

DOC NYC 2013: “Grey City” (Cidade Cinza)

The ingredients to São Paulo’s distinct graffiti culture: clamor, chaos, congestion, hip hop, and mostly, sheer ingenuity.  From the city’s streets have emerged artists with entirely unique signature styles and deft skill.  Following decades of relentlessness, they have scaled the heights of contemporary art, receiving invitations to show abroad as …

The Invisible Bicycle Helmet by Hövding Leveled 5

The Invisible Bicycle Helmet by Hövding

Revolutionary is a word that doesn’t come around very often, but we are absolutely sure you will agree that an invisible bicycle helmet is revolutionary and ingenious. Hövding started out in 2005 as a master’s thesis by the two founders Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin, who, at the time, were …

Geo Vase by Kelly Lamb Leveled 1

Geo Vase by Kelly Lamb

The Geo Vase is designed by Kelly Lamb and is made with ceramic with a white crackle glaze. The polygon design of the vase is perfect for a variety of rooms, or can be used as a decoration piece for other items in your home.


The Work of Philippos Vassiliades

We love discovering new designers and professionals working within the world of aesthetics. Pin is a collection of work of Philippos Vassiliades who studied in his home of Cyprus before undertaking an MA at London’s Camberwell College of the Arts, and then returned to his city to apply what he …


DJ Rashad – Double Cup

Referred to as the “bastard child” of house music, Footwork continues to thrive, almost in seemingly closed circuit communities. The framework in the blistering, often chaotic rhythms of Footwork are rooted in principles of jazz, yet evoke some of the heaviest, thundering assaults of bass and drum. And when it …