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Breaking Rocks Palm Tree Sweater Leveled 1

Breaking Rocks Palm Tree Sweater

Starting to miss summer? Kill two birds with one stone and grab a Breaking Rocks Palm Tree Sweater, it will keep you both warm and nostalgic. This sweater is made from 100% cotton and the vibrant colors of the sun kissed palm trees will have you dreaming about warm sand.

RA Sessions DARKSIDE - Paper Trails LVLD

DARKSIDE – Paper Trails

If you’re not following one of the most reputable sources for electronic music, Resident Adviser, you surely are missing out. Known for their in studio recording sessions, their newest video comes from music duo DARKSIDE, comprised of electronic producer Nicolas Jaar and guitarist Dave Harrington. Having just released their experimental …

C.A.R.L Shot by David Ryle Leveled 4


If science fiction has instilled anything in us, it is the fascination we have with robots acquiring emotions and the human need for affection. Photographer David Ryle, art director Gem Fletcher and design duo Studio Boo have produced a photo shoot which centers on a “lonely looking” robot named C.A.R.L. …

Handmade Canvas Range Tent Leveled

Handmade Canvas Range Tent

The handmade Canvas Range Tent by Kaufmann Mercantile is a 100% double-fill, A-grade canvas tent ideal for camping. The screen window is secured by a brass zipper. Includes oak stakes and Douglas fir poles with steel fittings. Measures 7 x 9 feet. Ships in 3 weeks. Originally designed and manufactured for …

Secretaire Desk by Louis Sognot Leveled 3

Secretaire Desk by Louis Sognot

We featured 1st dibs some time ago, and why we haven’t posted more of their amazing pieces, is beyond us. Anyway, this will be the first of many (we’re sure you wont mind) items we love to discover on the premier luxury online auctioneer. This wood and metal Secretaire Desk …

One Loop Portrait A Week by Romain Laurent

‘One Loop Portrait A Week’ by Romain Laurent

Romain Laurent is a French photographer, currently based in New York, whose series of Gifs called  ‘One Loop Portrait A Week’ gives us another reason to smile at the internet. Sometimes it’s the simplicity of a repetitious movement that can make a picture worth a thousand words.

Crowd Pleaser By Alex Prager Leveled

Crowd Pleaser: Alex Prager

Inspired by Prager’s cinematic images, director Arnaud Uyttenhove translated them into a playful portrait, juxtaposing her color-saturated archive with still lifes of vintage costumes and props. Following bouts of agoraphobia, the MoMA 2010 New Photography artist began to explore the loneliness and alienation that crowds can provoke, coating her images’ …

The World Outside My Window Leveled 1

The World Outside My Window by David Peterson

“The World Outside My Window” is a short by International Space Station’s David Peterson. This time lapse of Earth shows what it feels like to tumble slowly in zero gravity as we hover over our planet’s grandiose outer shell. The footage was capture during Expeditions 29, 30 and 31. The …

My Friend Fish

An Introduction: The Music of Diane Coffee

Diane Coffee is an artist born from solitude and malady, a rising phoenix, whose transformation began in a tiny, cramped apartment in New York. 26 year old Shaun Fleming had just recently moved from the sunny, green hillsides of his home in Agoura Hills, CA and after becoming dismayed at …

r100 Leveled

R100 Directed by Hitoshi Matsumoto

A mild-mannered family man with a secret taste for S&M finds himself pursued by a gang of ruthless dominatrices — each with a unique talent — in this hilarious and bizarre take on the sex comedy from Japanese comedy giant Hitoshi Matsumoto (Big Man Japan, Symbol). In R100, Nao Ohmori …

La Morena by SHIFT Leveled 1

“La Morena” by SHIFT

Mexican design studio SHIFT create a simple and functional cement/wood flower pot called “La Morena”, bringing the two very different materials, cemented and wood, together for  a harmoniously designed flower pot. SHIFT sough to create an object utilizing the cold and industrial nature of cement and gave it a warm, …

Marwood Spring Summer 2014 Lookbook Leveled 2

Marwood Spring Summer 2014

For their Spring/Summer 2014 collection of soft accessories, Marwood was inspired by the contrast of man-made mosaic patterns from “old English hallways” and “time-worn surfaces of deserted Icelandic farm houses.” That may explain why, unlike their past collections, this season’s set of ties, pocket squares and scarves have a more …