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Architect Kazuhiko Kishimoto Leveled 1

Beyond the Hill House

Beyond the Hill House in Yokohama is a beautifully constructed home, designed by architect Kazuhiko Kishimoto. Kishimoto creates a multi-planed reality in this home, utilizing jutting angles and a cemented dispersal of lines of symmetry across the face of the glass and white marbled walls.  

Kano Computer Kit Leveled 1

Kano DIY Computer Kit

Imagine a computer you assemble yourself. A small, conveniently packaged computer, which snaps together in an instant and has the capability to do everything your current mobile and tablet devices do. It does all of this while maintaining all of its intelligence and functioning at high performance standards. This is …

Lorimer 4 by Wonk NYC Leveled 1

Lorimer 4 by Wonk NYC

Customizable furniture company Wonk NYC invite participants to select the finish, hardware and design details with all their pieces. The Lorimer 4 cabinet is also fully customizable and comes with options for the white oak with lacquered drawer fronts. You can view the Finishes page for additional wood and lacquer …

Adult Magazine Leveled

Adult Magazine Issue No. 1

Adult Magazine is a new publication of contemporary erotics and experience. The print magazine will be published three times a year. The website will be updated every day. In the first issue Adult looks at sex in the novels of Gordon Merrick, the e-mails of Rachel Krushner, masturbating friends shot …


Meze Classics Headphones & Earbuds

Meze Classics Headphones & Earbuds are designed for people on the move while still maintaining the quality and craftsmanship standards the brand is known for. Choose from elegant, handcrafted, ebony wood enclosures or soft silicone earbuds, complete with a case.

Monument Valley

Monument Valley

Monument Valley is an interactive video game created by British studio, ustwo. The latest offering is an app game, whose amazing Escher-inspired graphics lead a princess through a remarkably detailed world of secret paths and hidden staircases. Check out the trailer below for quality gaming graphics, which are sure to …

Breaking Rocks Palm Tree Sweater Leveled 1

Breaking Rocks Palm Tree Sweater

Starting to miss summer? Kill two birds with one stone and grab a Breaking Rocks Palm Tree Sweater, it will keep you both warm and nostalgic. This sweater is made from 100% cotton and the vibrant colors of the sun kissed palm trees will have you dreaming about warm sand.

RA Sessions DARKSIDE - Paper Trails LVLD

DARKSIDE – Paper Trails

If you’re not following one of the most reputable sources for electronic music, Resident Adviser, you surely are missing out. Known for their in studio recording sessions, their newest video comes from music duo DARKSIDE, comprised of electronic producer Nicolas Jaar and guitarist Dave Harrington. Having just released their experimental …

C.A.R.L Shot by David Ryle Leveled 4


If science fiction has instilled anything in us, it is the fascination we have with robots acquiring emotions and the human need for affection. Photographer David Ryle, art director Gem Fletcher and design duo Studio Boo have produced a photo shoot which centers on a “lonely looking” robot named C.A.R.L. …

Handmade Canvas Range Tent Leveled

Handmade Canvas Range Tent

The handmade Canvas Range Tent by Kaufmann Mercantile is a 100% double-fill, A-grade canvas tent ideal for camping. The screen window is secured by a brass zipper. Includes oak stakes and Douglas fir poles with steel fittings. Measures 7 x 9 feet. Ships in 3 weeks. Originally designed and manufactured for …

Secretaire Desk by Louis Sognot Leveled 3

Secretaire Desk by Louis Sognot

We featured 1st dibs some time ago, and why we haven’t posted more of their amazing pieces, is beyond us. Anyway, this will be the first of many (we’re sure you wont mind) items we love to discover on the premier luxury online auctioneer. This wood and metal Secretaire Desk …

One Loop Portrait A Week by Romain Laurent

‘One Loop Portrait A Week’ by Romain Laurent

Romain Laurent is a French photographer, currently based in New York, whose series of Gifs called  ‘One Loop Portrait A Week’ gives us another reason to smile at the internet. Sometimes it’s the simplicity of a repetitious movement that can make a picture worth a thousand words.