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Brandblack Sportswear Launch Event Leveled 4

BRANDBLACK Sportswear Launch Event

Earlier this week, BRANDBLACK, a sportswear brand with a keen focus on image and performance, together with MIRRORmirror International, celebrated its reveal at Los Angeles’ oldest continually operating movie studio, Mack Sennett Studios.  DJs Mess Kid, Rashida, JMV and Jules Gayton spun to an eclectic mix of fashion, entertainment and …


Sou Fujimoto’s “In Between” Structures

In the film below, Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto discusses designing structures, which are “in between.” The concept of opposing concept,s such as nature and design are reoccurring themes in the architect’s breadth of work. I like to find something in between. Not only nature and architecture but also inside and outside. Every …

Form Tea Set by Tom Dixon Leveled 1

Form Tea Set by Tom Dixon

This is not a collection plate for C3PO parts, but instead the Form Tea Set by British designer Tom Dixon. The set is made of spun brass and includes a tea pot, tall jug, tea caddy, milk jug, sugar bowl and tray.  

ImaI by Katsutoshi Sasaki + Associates Leveled 8

ImaI by Katsutoshi Sasaki + Associates

The ground was too narrow to allow any space for garden, so we set an inner garden at the end of the ground floor and a terrace on the north end of the second floor. High window in the living room is designed not only to let in light, but …

Soft Wood Chair by Jules Levasseur Leveled 4

Soft Wood Chair by Jules Levasseur

The draft of the French furniture designer Jules Levasseur, comes from a long line of research and experimentation on the technique and the use of bentwood.

Opening Night of DOC NYC The Unknown Know

Opening Night of DOC NYC: “The Unknown Known”

In Errol Morris’ latest documentary, “The Unknown Known”, the former Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld looks headlong into the camera and plainly states: “Freedom is untidy.”  Matter-of-factly, he explains away his acceptance of the inherent and unavoidable messiness of war – civilian casualties included. Donald Rumsfeld is an acrobat of …


Priestmangoode’s Air Balloon For Traveling to Earth’s Atmosphere

While trips to space are still only for the insanely rich, British studio Priestmangoode has developed a lightweight pressurized vessel, for Paragon‘s World View program. The vessel will be lifted by helium to take six adventurous passengers and two crew members to the cusp of Earth’s atmosphere. The video below simulates what …

Howlin’ For Fall:Winter 2013 Leveled 5

Howlin’ For Fall/Winter 2013

Antwerp based label Howlin’ offer a modern knitwear collection made in Scotland. Their Fall Winter 2013 brings Californian bands Allah-Las and Nick Waterhouse together along with photographer Alassan Diawara for a Navajo inspired shoot. Great pieces for endless winterarrangements.

Siphoned from Madness Yayoi Kusama  David Zwirner Gallery Leveled 2

Yayoi Kusama Presents “I Who Have Arrived in Heaven”

Yayoi Kusama’s artwork has no beginning, no middle and no end.  It is akin to looking at a postcard sent from time itself.  Whether expressing her vision through full-scale sensorial environments, paintings, drawings, performance art or film, the obsessive suggestion of infinity is ever present.  Her synthesis of the pandemonium …


The ‘Aleph’ Soundcomputer by Monome

This is what love at first sight looks like. The ‘Aleph’ Soundcomputer by Monome is so beautifully designed, it only enhances the prowess of this machine. Monome put into words, how diverse and functional the Aleph truly is: Aleph is an adaptable soundcomputer where synthesis, drum machines, samplers, loopers, and …

Screen shot 2013-11-08 at 3.35.31 PM

Jeremy Olson’s Alternative Realities

Realities are perceptions of an individual’s self affirmations. They can distort and deviate when presented from contradicting viewpoints and, when isolated, can twist one’s environment in such a way, reality is questioned altogether. These paintings from Jeremy Olson’s ‘Alternative Realities’ series speaks to the inward conflicts happening at any given …

The Rehabilitation of Palencia Provi6cial Prison Leveled 1

Palencia, Spain Provincial Prison

Exit Architects have revamped Palencia, Spain’s Provincial Prison in order to accommodate a space to be used for study and research. This former prison is organized around a great hall, a “diaphanous space based only on a few mild cylindrical courtyards of glass that illuminate and provide the backbone of …