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The Rehabilitation of Palencia Provi6cial Prison Leveled 1

Palencia, Spain Provincial Prison

Exit Architects have revamped Palencia, Spain’s Provincial Prison in order to accommodate a space to be used for study and research. This former prison is organized around a great hall, a “diaphanous space based only on a few mild cylindrical courtyards of glass that illuminate and provide the backbone of …

The Work of Chad Wys Leveled 7

The Work of Artist Chad Wys

Someone recently wrote that I am more of a “con artist than a real artisan”. That particular person, I think, had such an aversion to the digital medium — and perhaps to any art that fails to live up to his personal criteria — that he felt “lied-to” and, even …

Encre Noir Leveled

Encre Noire Cologne by Lalique

Encre Noire Cologne by Lalique is a crisp, woodsy fragrance with piney, cypress notes. Towards the middle, notes of bourbon, vetiver and cool wood begin to transpose. For the individual with that certain boldness, Encre Noire is for you.


Modern Ruin: Black Hole

Jeff Frost is a multimedia artist whose work blew us away with his Flawed Symmetry of Prediction project. Now, Jeff has taken the same approach to his new work, ‘Modern Ruin: Black Hole’. Again, Jeff tackled the tedious effort of compiling video, implementing strategic time lapse photography techniques and creating …

Mogwai Rave Tapes

Mogwai’s Rave Tapes

Mogwai are on the precipice of their return with their new album Rave Tapes. The song ‘Remurdered’ is currently being offered to fans as a precursor to what they have in store for the new record. The track is in two parts. In the beginning, we have a slow build …

Badlands Leveled 4

Ben Sandler’s Badlands

‘Badlands’ was born out of an innate fascination with the surreal desert landscapes outside of the metropolis of Phoenix, Arizona. A netherworld of eroded rocks and rusted soil that seems extraterrestrial. Jagged mountainous zigzags criss-cross Pre-cambrian mounds, marked stratum of eons of evolution, degradation, and rebirth, intertwined with the endlessly …

Natalie Pink Leveled

Natalie Selevanova Shot by Chris Fitzgerald

Model Selevanova gets the pink syrupy treatment from photographer Chris Fitzgerald.  


Brooks C17 Cambium Bike Saddle

Brooks England have created something pretty cool with their C17 Cambium Bike Saddle. The real magic is in the fused, vulcanized natural rubber and woven organic cotton, which gives a completely new feel, a more comfortable shape and flexibility. Supported by stainless steel and aluminum structuring, the sturdy saddle is also …


A-Frame Koya No Sumika House

Beautiful symmetry can be achieved and enjoyed at nearly every angle in this house designed by mA-style Architects. The Japanese firm, comprised of Atsushi and Mayumi Kawamoto, turn to local environments in order to achieve a level of beauty and balance, as well as developing current spaces.

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Composer Steve Reich’s Radiohead Inspired Work

Steve Reich is a more than simply a composer.  He is a musical philosopher, an innovator and a minimalist pioneer.  Recognized as one of the greatest cultural contributors of the last century, his work has been performed the world over. His most recent muse: the symphonic intricacies of Radiohead. On November 16th, …

Tim & Eric's Bedtime StoriesTim & Eric's Bedtime Stories Leveled 1

Tim & Eric’s Bedtime Stories

Adult Swim announced they have green lit a new live-action quarter hour Tim and Eric series, and we couldn’t be happier. The weirdo comedy duo have cultivated their own brand of bizarre and popular comedy, which have catapulted them into the cult-like fanfare. Tim and Eric’s Bedtime Stories is a dark …

Designer Baking Leveled 2

Studiolav’s Designer Baking

Studiolav turns the tools needed to cut and form dough, and reinvents as a two piece set of kitchen stamps developed as part of an initiative of Skoufa Gallery in Athens. The project asked designers to create contemporary versions of “folklore.” The London based STUDIOLAV, created two solid olive wood …