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Through a Lens Darkly: Black Photographers and an Emergence of a People

Through a Lens Darkly is a celebration of limitless possibility.  It is an ode to Black photographers – as cultural authors, as activists, and as true arbiters of revelation.  The documentary, inspired by photographer and educator Deborah Willis’ seminal book, Reflections in Black, renders the faces of by-gone generations visible …

A scene from the documentary EXPEDITION TO THE END OF THE WORLD,

Watch: Expedition to the End of the World

Up for grand adventure?  Expedition to the End of the World is a documentary of pure exploration – of both the existential and remote geographical kind.  The film, directed by Daniel Dencik is a visually intoxicating snapshot of a 2011 journey made aboard a mighty, wooden sailing ship. Along for …

Temporary Nobility_Leveled001

A Temporary Nobility

Photographer and filmmaker Chris Fitzgerald has a way of balancing art and eroticism by capturing the beauty, which underlies the two. His newly shared short is no different as we see model Rivi Madison, “exploring a fall from grace and an eventual rise again to power.”

A Bench by Aust & Amelung Leveled 1

A Bench by Aust & Amelung

German design studio Aust & Amelung present their modular and minimalist bench, which can be arranged as desired to fit aesthetic preference and individual comfort levels.  

Sunnei Collection Spring:Summer 2015 Leveled 5

Sunnei Collection Spring/Summer 2015

Straight from Milan, Sunnei is a company based on the effortless and luxurious. Having made their rounds showcasing their Spring/Summer 2015, Sunnei present what is sure to become the coolest pieces in your wardrobe.  

Om:One Audio Leveled 1

Om/One Audio

You know what’s better than a visualizer capturing the notes of your favorite song? How about a speaker that levitates to your favorite song right in front of your eyes? The Om/One Audio speaker, designed and engineered by David Devillez (Velodyne Acoustics) and his team of world class industrial designers …

Outside, Inside A Detour from Graffiti and Street Art

Outside, Inside: A Detour from Graffiti and Street Art

OUTSIDE, INSIDE brings together the distinct and disparate voices of artists from New York to Chile to Prague – ranging from the fantastical to the political. A group exhibition opening in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, the show spotlights the work of artists that have crossed over – those that continue to …

Youre Dead_Leveled001

You’re Dead!

The mind of Flying Lotus (Steven Ellison) transcends the confines of earthbound limitations and reverbeates the universe and soul within the spectrum of jazz, hip-hop and electronic music. The details of his fifth studio album  “You’re Dead!” have just been released and the possibilities for a spiritual experience are even …

Cruel Summer

Roger Gastman’s “Cruel Summer” Group Show

Graffiti impresario and obsessive collector, Roger Gastman just made our summer.  He has curated a must-see group show in NYC.  Taking over both locations of Jonathan LeVine Gallery in Chelsea, “Cruel Summer” gathers the work of more than 20 vibrant artists including BLADE, Ben Venom, DABS MYLA, POSE, REVOK, Cleon …


Viddy Pinhole Camera

The Pop-Up Pinhole Co. was founded by London based designer Kelly Angood, who developed the camera into a downloadable 35mm version. The downloaded file can be printed out and made into a fully functional pinhole camera using a few everyday household items.

Strange Plants by Zio Baritaux Leveled 5

“Strange Plants” by Zio Baritaux

Described as “a celebration of plants in contemporary art…from oozing paintings of rotting cacti to eerie, mesmeric photos of the leafy kudzu vine,” Strange Plants is the first title from Zio Baritaux’s own publishing imprint, Zioxla. The book features the work of artists such as Helene Schmitz, Paul Wackers and …


70th Anniversary Restoration of Double Indemnity

Double Indemnity is director Billy Wilder’s film noir masterpiece.  The highly-stylized 1940’s classic is a hard-boiled, double-entendre laden thriller born of “an unholy love and an almost perfect crime.”  In it, a seductive femme fatale lures an all-too-willing everyman insurance salesman on a one-way journey of corruption, adultery and ultimately …