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Tantric Art: Erotic & Divine Tour Series @ Rubin Museum

The Rubin Museum of Art is a treasure trove and temple.  It is home to one of the West’s most extensive and preeminent collections of Himalayan art.  Open for nearly ten years, the NYC museum, which boasts an elegant six-story spiral staircase, houses close to 2,000 works that celebrate the …


Watch: Last Days in Vietnam

How do wars end?  Not for the glad-handing policymakers, but for those on the ground, living in the fray?  How do you separate the sinew of circumstance from the blood and guts of true human connection?  Acclaimed documentary filmmaker, Rory Kennedy (Ethel, Ghosts of Abu Ghraib) offers an unflinching exploration …

The Sum Collection 0002 Leveled 2

The Sum’s “Collection 0002″

Oregon’s The Sum handcraft jewelry reconfigure sacred symbols and modern design into spiritual totems that embrace the simple and monolithic. Collection 0002 combines sterling silver, leather and pyrite into simple and masculine designs.    


DALeast @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery

Kick off the New York fall art season on Thursday, September 4th, with the brilliance of artist, DALeast.  The Laten Photon will blow your mind. Guaranteed. Lucky for us, this solo show, his second held at Jonathan Levine Gallery since 2012, is a continued exploration of his signature style at …

Chriz Fitzgerald Fashion Editorial Leveled 8

Chriz Fitzgerald Fashion Editorial

More great work from photography and director Chris Fitzgerald. Sophie from LA Models. Hair and Makeup by Erica Stewart Styling by Janet Sung    

Levi’s® Japan California Collection Leveled 5

Levi’s® Japan California Collection

California inspired. Japanese leg of Levi’s, offers their new collection inspired by the Golden State. Drawing patterns and textures from the 1960s, their Fall/Winter collection embrace the elements, which reflect their “simplicity” and “fine materials” manta. Fabric fresh materials with an emphasis on construction.    

SDM Apartment by Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop Leveled 1

SDM Apartment by Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop

A two story apartment home in Mumbai, designed by Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop. The leafy design of the staircase, and the gathering of light bulbs, which resemble a cluster of mercury-like puddles are certainly eye catchers.


Through a Lens Darkly: Black Photographers and an Emergence of a People

Through a Lens Darkly is a celebration of limitless possibility.  It is an ode to Black photographers – as cultural authors, as activists, and as true arbiters of revelation.  The documentary, inspired by photographer and educator Deborah Willis’ seminal book, Reflections in Black, renders the faces of by-gone generations visible …

A scene from the documentary EXPEDITION TO THE END OF THE WORLD,

Watch: Expedition to the End of the World

Up for grand adventure?  Expedition to the End of the World is a documentary of pure exploration – of both the existential and remote geographical kind.  The film, directed by Daniel Dencik is a visually intoxicating snapshot of a 2011 journey made aboard a mighty, wooden sailing ship. Along for …

Temporary Nobility_Leveled001

A Temporary Nobility

Photographer and filmmaker Chris Fitzgerald has a way of balancing art and eroticism by capturing the beauty, which underlies the two. His newly shared short is no different as we see model Rivi Madison, “exploring a fall from grace and an eventual rise again to power.”

A Bench by Aust & Amelung Leveled 1

A Bench by Aust & Amelung

German design studio Aust & Amelung present their modular and minimalist bench, which can be arranged as desired to fit aesthetic preference and individual comfort levels.  

Sunnei Collection Spring:Summer 2015 Leveled 5

Sunnei Collection Spring/Summer 2015

Straight from Milan, Sunnei is a company based on the effortless and luxurious. Having made their rounds showcasing their Spring/Summer 2015, Sunnei present what is sure to become the coolest pieces in your wardrobe.